Soap + Hand Sanitizer Set


Set includes 1 premade 1 oz. hand sanitizer + 1 mini scrub soap

Add 1 ARCH Oil to make refills of hand sanitizer.  1 ARCH Oil can make approx. 7 bottles hand sanitizer. 



Old fashioned handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds is the best form of hand hygiene.  Dr. Archer’s soap is formulated with rosehip seed powder, extra fine pumice granules, and loofah for mechanical removal of debris (dirt, germs). Added essential oils and an olive oil base provide aromatherapeutic and hydrating benefits. Wash your hands regularly and especially after touch door knobs/handles, money, keys, phones.  When you cannot wash with soap and water carry a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol to ensure antimicrobial activity. 

ARCH OIL is water soluble so you can make your own hand sanitizer spray. ARCH OIL contains 10% tea tree oil, oregano oil, and many other essential oils that, in addition to being hydrating, are naturally antiseptic. Your addition of isopropyl alcohol makes it even more effective against common contagious microbes. Sanitize hand regularly, maintain healthy hand hygiene practices, and NEVER EVER touch your face!