Now Offering Dr. Supervised Pedicures

Now Offering Dr. Supervised Pedicures

If you follow our blog, you probably read our recent piece about the dangers of professional pedicures. According to several clinical studies assessing the risks of pedicure-related infections, having a spa pedicure can significantly increase your risks for developing serious medical issues, like hepatitis, staphylococcal infections and a difficult-to-treat skin infection called nontuberculous mycobacterial furunculosis, which can wind up causing tissue death.

Most of these infections are caused by improperly cleaned instruments. But even when the instruments are not infected by fungus or other pathogens, an untrained and unsupervised technician still can increase your risk of infection by damaging the cuticles or creating tiny nicks in the skin that can provide ideal entry points for germs.

Medical Pedicure for Healthy Foot Care

For years, patients at our practice have been asking about how to get a pedicure without exposing themselves to these risks; now, there’s a solution – and it doesn’t mean having to forego your pedicure. We’re excited to offer our patients a brand-new service – safe, state-of-the-art medical pedicures right here in our office. Medical pedicures are doctor supervised, which means you’ll receive the professional attention you need to have great-looking, healthy feet, without risking damaged cuticles or nail and skin infections. At our practice, Dr. Archer supervises every medical pedicure so you can feel confident in your results and your health.

When you schedule a one-hour medical pedicure in our office, you’ll get the “full treatment,” beginning with a pink Himalayan detox soak to soften skin and rid your feet of damaging toxins. Calluses are no match for our Diamancel callus treatment, and of course, your nails will be expertly shaped and filed so they’re ready for sandals. Plus, throughout your treatment, our licensed pedicurists will apply Arch Sole Savour foot care products like our special gentle scrub, replenishing nail oil, foot balm and crème to pamper feet while fighting off fungus and helping skin stay soft and supple. All Arch Sole Savour products are created using natural essential oils and botanicals, and there are no parabens or sulfates to worry about. And of course, all the instruments we use are either single-use or professionally sterilized using state-of-the-art equipment.

Top-rated New York Podiatrist

Dr. Archer is recognized as a leader in state-of-the-art foot care and podiatry services for patients throughout the New York City area. In addition to providing the safest, most effective foot care, her dedication to her patients’ well-being led her to create the complete line of Arch Sole Savour foot care products, helping patients maintain their feet between pedicures and office visits. To learn more about medical pedicures at our office or to see the complete line of Arch Sole Savour products, click here or call 646-484-5185 to schedule your own medical pedicure.

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