Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure Treatment *

Improve foot health and maximize foot comfort with a medical pedicure. We now offer SAFE, doctor-supervised, fungus-free medical pedicures.

  • Medical Pedicure – performed by a doctor-trained nail technician, 45 minute spa session including Diamancel callus treatment, pink Himalayan salt detox soak, all utilizing ARCH PRODUCTS (SOLE SAVOUR SCRUB, NAIL OIL, BALM AND BETA GLUCAN AND CBD CREMES/ GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL AVAIL AS ADD-ON), using only ‘surgical-standard’ sterilized and single use instruments during spa-like treatment with massage Cost: $90 (Add mini manicure: $110)

* Doctor consultation with Dr. Archer not included. Consulation can be booked separately around pedicure appointment.


GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE; Please inquire by phone 646-484-5185 or email


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