How Safe Is Your Pedicure?

How Safe Is Your Pedicure?

Safe PedicureSpring is here, and that means it’s time to kick off winter’s heavy shoes in favor of sandals and bare feet. And for many people, it also means it’s time to have a pedicure. But before you head off to your local salon for an afternoon of foot-soaking bliss, you should know the risks associated with professional pedicures – and how to avoid them.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, pedicures can place you at risk for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and although some signs of infection will show up immediately, other symptoms may take months to show up. We have a quick list of tips to help you reduce your risks of pedicure-related infections.

Reducing the Risks of a Professional Pedicure

  • Make sure the facility and your pedicurist are properly licensed. Pedicurists must be trained, and a professional license is proof of that training.
  • Skip the bubbles. The jets in foot tubs can harbor huge colonies of germs, so if you must soak, soak – but avoid the bubbles if you can.
  • Make sure the tools that are being used are properly sanitized between each patient. Tools should be soaking in disinfectant or placed under a UV light to kill germs. Non-metal tools should never be reused.
  • Leave the cuticles alone. Cutting them or pushing them back can make it easier for germs to enter the area around your toe. If you must push your cuticles back, do it yourself after a shower or bath.
  • The American Academy of Dermatology advises avoiding shaving your legs prior to a pedicure. Why? Because even a tiny nick can provide plenty of room for invading bacteria. Shave your legs afterward instead.

Practice proactive foot care: Call our office at the first sign of infection.

If you do develop signs like itching, burning, swelling, tender spots, or scaling and peeling of the skin on your toes or feet, call our office immediately to schedule an office visit so you can get the care you need to prevent a serious infection. As a top New York podiatrist practice, we offer the most advanced care options for fast relief of all types of infections of the feet and toes.

In addition to providing care for fungal, viral and bacterial infections, we can also treat corns, calluses and rough spots that can develop after a winter of dry air and heavy shoe wear. We also offer a full line of foot care products for healthy, soft feet year round. Call 646-484-5185 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services and products we offer.

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