Getting Feet Ready For Spring With ARCH!

Getting Feet Ready For Spring With ARCH!

Getting feet ready for spring with ARCH!During spring and summer, your feet are on display: Whether you’re donning a pair of strappy sandals or going au naturel at the shore or park, your feet need to look their best, from the tips of your toes to the backs of your heels (and don’t forget your hard-working soles).

In summer, your feet don’t just have to contend with the wear and tear of daily activity; they’re also exposed to environmental influences that can make them look dry, cracked and just plain unattractive. Salt water, chlorine, sun and even prolonged periods of walking around barefoot can cause the skin to become dry and cracked, and before you know it, instead of walking confidently along the beach, you’re digging your toes deep into the sand to avoid being seen.

The good news is, it doesn’t take a lot of time to keep your feet and toes looking their summertime best! You just need to know which products to use to get the best result in the least amount of time.

Arch foot care products were designed to help ensure your feet stay healthy and beautiful by sloughing off dead, dry skin while replenishing natural oils so feet look supple and refreshed. And thanks to their unique blends of ingredients, they also work fast so you can spend more time enjoying the pleasures of the season. All it takes are these three simple steps:

  • Start with Sole Savour Scrub, a naturally-formulated exfoliant that uses finely-ground pumice combined with rosehip seed powder to gently remove dead, dry skin so all you’re left with is fresh, radiant skin. Plus, it has a unique blend of essential oils to help replenish moisture and keep new skin healthy and soft.
  • Follow with Sole Savour Creme, which features natural ingredients that restore and heal skin so it stays fresh and beautiful no matter how many times you saunter across those sandy beaches. Added essential oils were selected to support skin health, and you can use the creme anywhere, including your hands, elbows, and knees.
  • Finally, give your nails a dose of TLC with Sole Savour Nail Oil. Like the other Arch products, Sole Savour Nail Oil uses natural ingredients for the safest, most effective results, and the special formula is designed to work with the body’s natural healing and restorative processes so you can feel confident every time you put it on. Sole Savour Nail Oil contains tea tree oil to fight fungus as well as shea butter for deep moisture, and a special blend of flower, herb and fruit extracts for scent, moisture and antiseptic effects. Apply it to nails daily and add a few drops to the salon tub during pedicures to keep fungus at bay.

Keeping your feet looking their best does take s a little extra effort, but the results are well worth it!

Plus, all Arch products are natural and use no parabens or sulfates so you always know your feet are getting the best care possible – and don’t they deserve it?

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