Dr. Krista Archer on the Dr. Oz Show January 6, 2014 Discusses What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Dr. Krista Archer on the Dr. Oz Show January 6, 2014 Discusses What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Did you know there are lifesaving clues only your feet can tell you about your health?

Patients are often surprised to learn there are medical reasons for cosmetic problems with the feet, including circulation problems, cold feet, hypothyroidism, and a Diabetes foot sensation test.

What should you be checking your own feet for? It’s time to kick off your shoes and take a closer look to see what could really be going on inside your body.

Hairy Toes Sign of Good Circulation

Hair on your toes is actually a really good sign because it means your circulatory system is working well, and blood is flowing down to your feet. If your toes are bald you should actually see your doctor because you could have a circulation problem, ask your doctor about Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Diabetes Cotton Ball Test

Have you ever had an open sore that won’t heal on your foot or toe? If it has been there for awhile, it could be a warning sign for Diabetes. It causes nerve malfunction, which can lead to loss of sensation in the feet, so you should get checked out by your doctor immediately. I recommend a very simple test you can do right at home to determine if you are at risk for Diabetes:

  1. Take a cotton ball and rub it on the top of your hand to see what it feels like.
  2. Do the same thing on the bottom of your foot. The feeling should be similar, but if you feel nothing it could be a sign of Diabetes.

When you cannot feel a part of your foot, something could be rubbing against it and leading to painful problems, chronic sores, and even amputation, which could have been prevented. It can be avoided if you check your feet and toes often.

Foot Cramp Remedies

Chronic Foot Cramps are a common complaint, and can be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Try one of these remedies to help relieve the cramps:

  • Drink more water, especially during exercise.
  • Eat a banana
  • Drink an electrolyte-replacement beverage
  • Take a Magnesium/Calcium Supplement

What Causes Cold Feet? Hypothyroidism

Do you suffer from Cold Feet? If you are someone who always has cold feet no matter what you do or where you are, it could be a sign of Hypothyroidism. I recommend seeing your doctor to get your thyroid checked if your feet are constantly cold.

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