Compression Socks and Sleeves – Do They Really Work?

Compression Socks and Sleeves – Do They Really Work?

Not that long ago, pretty much the only time you heard about compression socks was the treatment of varicose veins or complications of diabetes. And for sure, compression hose can make a big difference in both conditions, improving circulation and relieving many of the painful symptoms associated with diabetes and varicose veins. But in recent years, compression socks and sleeves have gained considerably more attention as a way to improve healing and enhance athletic performance – naturally. Tune in any football or soccer game, and you’re likely to see at least a few players wearing compression garments. Even Olympic athletes like Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn have begun singing their praises, using compression garments from Incrediwear to speed recovery after injury or surgery or to help enhance their training activities.

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US Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn using Incrediwear compression sleeve while training.

How do compression socks and sleeves work?

It all starts with a basic understanding of circulation: The heart pumps oxygen-rich blood from the lungs throughout the rest of the body via the arteries, delivering nutrients to all the organs and tissues, including the muscles. Once the nutrients and oxygen have been “delivered,” the blood blood returns to the lungs and heart through the veins. Veins contain tiny valves that keep the blood moving in the right direction.

Compression socks work by providing additional support to the blood vessels, particularly the veins that have to work against gravity to return the blood to the heart. Compression garments provide graduated compression, providing increased pressure at one end of the garment and less pressure in other regions to promote blood flow. And it’s not just the veins that benefit. Some studies have shown arterial blood flow increases as much as 30% during the recovery phase of exercise when muscles “rebuild” after exertion, and up to 40% during physical activity to improve overall performance and reduce the risk of injury while also decreasing muscle fatigue.

Are compression socks right for me?

Compression socks can be a great solution for athletes as well as those recovering from sports injuries or dealing with diabetes, varicose veins or simple muscle fatigue and sore feet. For patients at her New York podiatrist practice, Dr. Archer recommends Incredisocks by Incrediwear, a leading provider of compression socks and sleeves worn by professional and Olympic athletes worldwide.

Incrediwear offers a complete line of recovery socks in an array of styles and designs including sports styles, golf socks and dress socks to help men and women improve their foot care, heal faster and enhance their athletic performance and enjoyment of physical activity. To find out more about Incredisocks and whether they can help you enjoy better foot health, call our office at 646-484-5185 to schedule a complete foot evaluation today.

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