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Using Sculptra to Treat Common Foot Conditions

Using Sculptra to Treat Common Foot Conditions

The ball of the foot – that fleshy part located just below the base of the toes – plays an essential role in balancing and supporting our weight when we stand, walk or run, so it’s probably no surprise the area is also a frequent source of pain. For those who wear high heels and people with specific types of inherited foot shapes, the strain on this area of the foot can be even more pronounced, increasing the likelihood of painful symptoms as well as the development of corns and calluses.

While these problems can develop pretty much at any time in our adult lives, they become much more common as we get older. Why? Because the fleshy padding that provides a welcome cushion for the foot bones slowly begins to wear away, and a natural loss of volume soon leaves the ball of the foot with little protection against the pressures and strains of daily activities.

Sculptra Foot Injections

Bulking Up

Once the natural padding is lost, it’s gone for good, and while custom orthotics and routine foot care can help keep painful symptoms at bay, you need to be vigilant in your efforts, especially if you’re one of the “lucky” millions who suffer from painful corns. But more recently, a new treatment has emerged that uses techniques and products “borrowed” from facial cosmetic surgery to augment the natural padding on the balls of the feet with injections of a synthetic filler called Sculptra.

Sculptra is made of a biodegradable filler material called poly-L-lactic acid. In facial cosmetic surgery, it’s often used to replace lost volume in the cheek area, helping women and men avoid that “sunken-in” appearance that tends to develop as the underlying muscles sag and natural “plumpness” is lost. In the feet, Sculptra injections work the same way, boosting the natural padding that helps cushion feet and prevent strain and pain while also decreasing the risk of developing corns and calluses.

Sculptra vs. Orthotics

There’s no doubt custom orthopedics play an important role in podiatry. But when it comes to the ball of the foot, Sculptra has an advantage because once it’s injected, it stays put – there’s no slippage or friction, and you can wear any type of show you want – even strappy sandals. Plus, Sculptra is long-lasting, with most patients enjoying the benefits for several months before a “touch-up” treatment is required to keep feet feeling their best.

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