5 Tips For Keeping Feet Healthy This Spring

5 Tips For Keeping Feet Healthy This Spring

5 Tips For Keeping Feet Healthy This SpringSpring is traditionally the season of new beginnings, which means it’s also a great time to take stock of your health and your habits, and make changes that can ensure you enjoy the best health possible, from head to toe.

Speaking of toes, taking care of your feet – in the spring and throughout the rest of the year – is an important part of making sure the rest of your body stays healthy as well. After all, your feet support you all day long, and if they’re not in tip-top shape, it’s easy to see how even a minor foot problem could wind up causing problems with your back, knees, or other parts of your body. Here’s a simple list of things you can do this spring to help keep your feet as healthy as possible:

  • Shop wisely. Even if you think you know your size, it’s always a good idea to try on shoes before buying, especially if you’re buying from a store where you’ve never shopped before. It’s amazing how much variation there can be in shoe sizing from one manufacturer to another, and what’s more, your feet can change size over the course of the day. For the best fit, try shoes on in the late afternoon or evening, and if you’re shopping online, stick to reputable companies that allow easy returns for poor fit.
  • Clean your closets. We’re betting that right now, there’s a worn-out, ratty pair of sneakers or other “comfy” shoes hiding in your closet. Well, there’s no time like the spring to do a little clean-and-purge. Old, worn shoes don’t offer the support your feet need to stay healthy, so root through your shoe collection and toss out or donate all the pairs that are past their prime as well as the pairs that hurt your feet.
  • Embrace lower heels. You may love the way high heels make your feet look, but heels over an inch can cause some major problems – for your feet as well as your back. Instead of relying on heel height to make your feet look sexy, choose a shoe with another attractive detail like an open toe, ankle strap or other detail you like.
  • Be vigilant when going barefoot. When winter’s over, it feels great to kick your shoes to the curb, but that can leave your feet woefully unprotected. When you go barefoot, just be sure to take extra care to make sure your feet don’t become cut or injured.
  • Watch out for fungus. Pools and hot tubs can be great for relaxing, but the areas around them can be teeming with fungus. Be sure to wash and dry your feet thoroughly after using a pool or hot tub and be on the lookout for signs of fungus like itching or peeling skin. Use an anti-fungal product like Savour Nail Oil with natural tea tree oil to keep fungus at bay.

Spring also brings a more active lifestyle, and that can mean an increase in foot pain. If you’re having pain in your feet or ankles, call today to schedule an evaluation.

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