3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails And Feet At The Beach

3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Nails And Feet At The Beach

Healthy Nails And Feet At The BeachAs you relax on the beach, you put your feet on display to everyone coming your way. You also put your feet through a lot of stress with exposure to the hot sun, abrasive sand and sharp rocks. Thankfully, you can easily restore the look and feel of your feet by using a few key products every day. Incorporate the following steps in your morning and nighttime routine for the best results.

1. Clean

You may inadvertently come into contact with skin harming contaminants while walking around on the beach or swimming in the water. To minimize contact with unknown and unwanted substances, give your feet a good cleaning after returning home or to your hotel room. Use a mild cleanser that doesn’t make the skin feel too tight after drying off with a towel.

2. Exfoliate

Although you’ll likely be running your feet through the sand while on the beach, you still need targeted exfoliation to keep your feet and nails in perfect shape. You should focus on removing calluses that often develop while wearing flip-flops or walking with bare feet. Consider using a gentle product, like the ARCH Sole Savour Scrub, which uses natural pumice and rosehip seed powder to scrub away tough skin. Make sure to moisten your feet before exfoliating to keep the treatment as gentle as possible.

3. Moisturize

You need to moisturize the skin on the soles of your feet and around your nail beds to keep dry skin from flaking away or causing irritation. Reach for a rich, creamy moisturizer, such as ARCH Sole Savor Creme, and massage all over your feet for a boost of moisture. Complete this hydrating routine by rubbing ARCH Sole Savour Nail Oil into your cuticles. Both of these moisturizers will soften your skin and cuticles for a healthier look and feel.  

Tip: Take a Timeout

Take the time to soak your feet after spending a long time walking around outside or at the beach. The soaking process also gives you a reason to rest after a long day. Add a few tablespoons of Epsom salts and/or essential oils to the water to fully relax your tired muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet and ankles.

The summer can be tough on your hardworking feet. Take these steps to ensure that your feet stay healthy and beautiful all season long! If you do run into any foot issues give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 646-484-5185.

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